Attitude vs Altitude

Are you one of those people quietly going about your life doing very ordinary, mundane things, and alongside others you don’t stand out in the crowd?  Are you satisfied with your life in Yahusha just as it is, walking in the shadows and opinions of others, not having your own voice, not saying what you really think or feel and really not expecting anything else?

So did King Saul, until one day he got noticed, really noticed, by Yahuah who chose him as the first king over His people, Israel (1Sam 9).   But his attitude to life far outweighed the altitude he could’ve reach in his  life.  Even though Yahuah called him to rise up and shine, he couldn't rise beyond his natural stature of being head and shoulders above the people. His light never got a chance to shine, because his heart never really connected to Yahuah’s heart and this led to disobedience and the loss of his crown.  [1 Sam 13:9-14]

If your answer to my questions is yes, then maybe today you can make a change and be noticed, really noticed, by Yahuah.  

Has He asked you to do something for Him but you’re reluctant because you don't think you’re able or you worry about what others may think?  I did too.

From early childhood I worried about what others thought of me even though I knew He was calling me to rise to His higher calling. I missed many opportunities and had many regrets in my life. 

Until one day I decided I would no longer be a slave to the opinion of others and chose to believe and trust Yahuah instead! The change came when my college lecturer told me that I wouldn’t make it through my nursing exams. I knew that I could do it! I decided to trust God, believing that I could do anything through His strength in me. [Phil. 4:13]

I was one of only two that passed the exams. I changed my attitude and was liberated into His will and now my life has changed for His glory! I’m a pastor working fulltime for Yahuah, in the position He has called me to [Romans 8:29-30].

Friend, arise and shine, the Light of Yahusha is shining on you. He wants you to stand out amongst the crowd for Him, to fulfil the promise of His calling so that He can shine through you for others to find their way back to Him; to be His light, that city on the hill that cannot be hid [Matthew 5:14]. 

How? Allow your heart to connect to His will and trust Him, no matter what others think.  Raise your faith and trust in His Word to take you to the altitude to shine as His star. There will be trying times ahead but climb, move forward, lean and trust in Him as He leads you, by obeying His every Word. 

Saul failed to shine because his focus was not on God but on man, (1 Sam 13).  Don’t be like Saul. Believe and trust God today and rise to be His star in the orbit He has called you to.

Ask Yahuah today what He wants you to do, await His answer and set your heart and mind to do it.  He is depending on your obedience to rise to answer a cry from His people.

By Lolita Sykes