Are you ready to be a Gideon?

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It’s me again on the same subject, ‘Arise and Shine’. 

All believers are mighty men of valour but many just don't know it, yet.

Daily we see the exploits of Satan affecting our lives, church, community, country and nations of the world. Our complaints, in prayer to God seem to bounce off the ceiling and often we feel helpless and angry. 

But cheer up! There is hope. 

Gideon, in Judges 6, wore the same shoes. He was hiding and threshing wheat in a winepress instead of on the threshing floor, getting angrier with every thrash because of the enemy – the Midianites. Then one day, Yahuah, who was watching him, appeared on the scene. He called him a mighty man of valour, told him to rise and shine because his light had come  and his dark days in the winepress were ending.  

Of course, Gideon took some convincing about himself, and about God being on the side of Israel, before he would even think about rising, let alone shining [Judges 6:13-14]. 

Once convinced, you could say he got the point of the ‘light’.  Wisdom came alongside - for he knew that Yahuah’s hand would be with him.  Gideon went against the enemy using lights within pitchers, and of course the trumpets.  He moved in the power of the light. Gideon defeated his enemy with an army of just 300 (Judges 7:7).  He was victorious.

You too can be a Gideon. 

Sometimes we need convincing that Yahuah sees, hears and is working to answer our prayers.  Often, He does so in ways we never imagined. 

In answer to your prayers, is Yahuah asking you to rise and get down to the enemy’s camp?  If He is, He has already delivered the enemy into your hands, just as He did with Gideon (Judges 7:9).   So, I ask, what’s stopping you?  Fear?  Doubt?  

You may need a fleece too, like Gideon (Judges 6:37-40; 7:10) but Yahuah already knows who, what and why you are.  So just do it!  

Who knows, like Gideon, you may not even have to lift a finger to fight.  You may just have to shine your light and blow your trumpet in worship. 

Continue to pray and be ready to move when and how He instructs you, as Gideon did. Be ready to arise and shine when the spotlight comes your way. 

By Lolita Sykes.