Spiritual Wealth

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I have been a follower of Christ (Yahusha) since encountering Him the first time when I went to the Feast of Passover in 2016. Back then, I was suffering from addiction, depression, and despair and I didn’t know anything about Him. Since then, He has taken me on a journey of healing and understanding. I am now baptised and have been working towards making myself fit for His Kingdom. Although I still have a lot to learn, the journey so far has been awesome which makes me so much more grateful for what Yahusha has done for me. He’s given me a purpose and He’s given you one too [John 1:40-49; 21:15-17]!

I recently caught a virus, which prevented me from speaking or functioning well, but it never stopped me from reading my Bible. It got really bad one night but I knew that the Ministry was praying for my healing. 

The following morning my recovery began, and I had just finished reading the Book of John for the third time. Yes I know, it took me three times!  But I had finally started to comprehend who Yahusha is and I was in awe of Him [John 1:1-5, 10-14, 34]. 

The new things I’d discovered excited me so much that I just wanted to glorify Him so I sat at my desk and poured out all the things that streamed through my mind. This poem was the end result. I called it ‘Spiritual Wealth’ because it’s about the current conditions of this world. It starts with a man living for himself and heading towards damnation.  It ends with him being transformed after his heart was pierced by realising who Yahusha is and then seeking salvation

Although it’s about a man it’s about all of us. I was once like that too.


By Ky Jasmine

Is it just me or do you see, there’s not much time left?

Or would you rather recognise once your family have left?

The signs of the times show the world is a mess,

Full of pain and iniquity with civil unrest,

Look at the tally of world suffering and deaths,

And you wonder why when Yahusha came, he wept,

Laws, commands, covenants, all things to be kept,

All set, as our guidelines yet we tend to forget.

What profits a man to gain the world that costs his soul?

Trapped in Satan’s lies, barely alive, bound by strongholds,

Fed precepts: ‘Carpe Diem’, ‘Fortune favours the bold’,

Using earthly treasures to fill holes to make himself feel whole,

All it takes is just one step or encounter to show,

That there’s a different route, a narrow pathway to go,

For him to see that he’s been bought, his soul’s no longer sold,

But the purchase of salvation requires the truth to be told.

So Yahusha, looking down from His throne decides to speak;

“For the sake of My kingdom, you must come unto Me!

What will it take for you to open your eyes and see?

That I died on the cross for you. When are you going to believe?!

I am in the Father and the Father is in Me,

And who I set free shall be free indeed,

You’ll find Me in the scriptures, your Bible you must read,

And everything you come across make sure that you take heed,

I’ll be with you always, I will never leave,

I have done My best to give you everything you need,

I’ve prepared a place for you, mansions, rooms, many,

And you will see them for yourself, we have the victory!”

Astounded by the revelations from Christ Himself,

The man paused and pondered about life itself,

Weighing up being favoured, salvation and health,

He said “Lord, I need you more, I need spiritual wealth.”