Who we are

Acorn Life is a prophetic ministry. Our work is to bring the people of Yahuah Elohim back into covenant relationship through the restoration of His feasts.

One of His key feasts as listed in Leviticus 23:1-3 is the Sabbath. We celebrate every Friday night and welcome visitors. Click here to get in touch and join us. 


How it all began

Acorn Life is a growing ministry that began over 20 years ago with a group of people coming together in prayer. We were led by a desire for a deeper relationship with Elohim. This walk of faith has deepened our understanding of His will and way.

Our Mission

To prepare Yahuah’s people for His imminent return; by rejecting the traditions of man, brought in by Emperor Constantine. We are to reclaim, reconcile, realign and restore those called by His Name to His times, seasons and teachings in order to shed light on the Torah of Truth via prophetic revelation.