Have you found your soul mate?

‘Where should I go but to the Lord?’ wasn’t a song that I knew.  I had found the song on YouTube. The catchy gospel choir rendition was uplifting and left me feeling thankful and smiling. I found myself singing it involuntarily throughout the day. 

Doing the shopping, doing the washing up there it was again.  

And then, light bulb moment! Maybe even a tonne of bricks depending on your point of view. Whichever one, my singing stopped mid crescendo. 

I realised that I was happily singing along without a second thought for what I was really saying. 

Where should I, a believer in Yahusha Messiah, go to seek refuge for my soul?  The question is almost rhetorical don’t you think? 

Really?! (Incredulous tone of voice needed here). 

Who else would I trust enough to relinquish something so precious as my secret thoughts, my mind, my deepest emotions and moreover my will?  Aren't these the essence of the soul?

Well, not so fast missy – said the voice of my conscience. Step back and consider.  And, oh boy I did consider. 

So, let me ask you, what do you think of when you hear the word refuge? Maybe shelter, protection, asylum or perhaps a hiding place. 

Yes indeed Yahusha, our Friend, can be all these things [Psalm 91:2; 2 Samuel 22:3] but is He always our go to person in times of trouble? Often in the heat of the moment we forget all about Him. 

We can become so consumed by our problem, with whatever or whoever is causing us grief, that we take our eyes off Him. We may even go so far as to take matters into our own hands because we’re hurt and we want ‘justice’. Ever been in that place? 

But then there is that moment when you realise that you’ve completely lost the plot and you need to pray, apologise, repent (usually while crying) and ask for His forgiveness. 

Right there in that place of genuine remorse is the refuge for our soul [Psalm 32:5,7]. Our soul mate, the one who knows us inside out brings calm to our emotions and our senses, we have peace again [Psalm 23:1-3]. 

I realised too in my pondering, that I must guard against taking this precious gift of refuge for granted.   Not to treat it merely as a place to run to when there is trouble.  Rather accepting the fact that my soul needs shelter all the time. I need my soul mate.

Yahusha as my soul mate says we are deeply connected. It speaks of compatibility, intimacy and trust. What Yahusha gives is so much more than just a shelter in times of trouble.  We should grab it with both hands and hang on to it with everything we have.

Wherever you are today take a moment to consider, how are you treating your soul mate?