Fancy some soul food?

Well it’s now quite a few weeks since I discovered the song ‘Where should I go, but to the Lord?’ It has lost none of its appeal. I’m still singing it.

Perhaps those around me would like a different song now? (If this were a WhatsApp message there’d be a few emoji characters here!).

This week I turned my thoughts to the second verse of the song:

Neighbours are kind, I love them every one

We get along in sweet accord

But when my soul, needs manna from above

Where should I go but to the Lord?

As I thought about the words I remembered a line from last week’s article - “What Yahusha gives is so much more than just a shelter in times of trouble.”

Though I wrote the sentence, I asked myself what exactly is the more that He gives? The verse tells us part of the more for our soul is “manna from above”. Manna that is sweeter than the friendships and love in our human relationships.

Yet, what is it? Do we wake in the morning and find the ground covered with this soul food? [Exodus 16:15-16].

You may be surprised to know that actually the answer is yes we do.

Go figure!

Metaphorically speaking of course, it’s right there every morning just waiting for us to collect it. [Lam 3:22-23]. It may not be literal manna, but it’s the sustenance our soul needs everyday [Matt 6:11; John 6:32-35].

Like many people I often skip breakfast. Sometimes it’s that I just don’t feel like eating that early. Even though the experts tell us that it’s the most important meal of the day. Rushing out to catch the bus or train, not wanting to be late, often takes priority.

Does that sound like you?

Why is that? When we know it would be better for our wellbeing to refuel before the day gets underway.

The Word, Yahusha the bread of life, is there to feed our soul at the beginning of the day. Yet sometimes we leave Him hanging. He waits for us in the beauty of the dawn’s early light. Knowing exactly what our soul needs for that day. Isn’t this what helps to strengthen our spiritual wellbeing? [John 6:47-51]

Early in the morning we have the opportunity for some alone time with Yahusha, before the busyness of the day begins. It’s a time to connect with Him in prayer. To tell Him of our love for Him, to open our soul to receive His leading, and the word He wants to give us for that day.

This is our manna, our spiritual breakfast - the food for our soul.

This is part of the more that Yahusha gives.

So, don’t skip breakfast! Collect your manna everyday.