Dislike correction? Me too!

Song line: And it told your love to me

Yahuah ‘tells His love to me’ in many ways. Both in the everyday as well as the big things.

There are lots of places ‘His love for me’ is easy to see. The fact that God sent His Son who made such a huge sacrifice for me - that’s an obvious one. When He answers my prayers I feel loved. I can see His love in the eyes of His people. I can even experience it in the shining sun on my face.

Yet, I guess we all know that love doesn’t always show up in that way. I think the hardest thing to deal with is when His love leads Him to correct me.

Scripture tells us in Proverbs 3:12 that “For whom the Lord loves He corrects”. Many of us know this scripture and would accept the theory, but to receive His love in a stinging rebuke? No way!

Let me be honest, I really dislike correction. Maybe you do too, or are you able instead to take Yahuah’s correction in your stride?

Yes, He is my Father who wants only my good. Still, when correction has come it mostly hurt while it was happening. Much as I knew it was for my good, it was still a struggle to accept it and to look beyond those periods of hurt.

Overall though, I’ve found that, when I’ve taken that correction, and got over my immediate feelings, the positive effects of it are actually greater than my dread of correction itself. Why? Well, nowadays I can recognise how correction, in fact, causes me to actually ‘rise in the arms of faith and draw nearer to Yahusha’. And that’s what I want. I want to be more like Him and correction is part of that.

If you’re anything like me, now, the momentary displeasure of correction is nothing compared to the lasting gain of being drawn closer to Him.

So, if you’re going through correction right now and you’re struggling, having arguments, getting into conflict at home or work, could it be that Yahuah is drawing you closer, showing His love to you at this time?

Take a minute, look at the situation and speak to Him. Let Him show you the positives in correction and draw closer to Him.

I suspect that, just like me, when you see that correction is a great part of His love for you - it will make it just a little easier to go through.

By, Oliver Weedon.