Words without consideration

I was thinking about this the other day, so let me ask you the question.  What is it that causes excitement, or passion, when you sing a hymn, or song?  

Of course, there are times when you sing for singings sake, the words are the words.  But, what of the sheer magnitude of harmonious acoustic wonder as the choir swells in song, or the wondrous silk of an acapella soloist.  Have you been there when every fibre of your being gets caught up in that moment? When everything in you awakes to meet what your senses are receiving, and you, too, sing with all your heart?  That moment, that period of time, is experienced with wonder and awe. All is right with the world. You’ve had your moment. You got your ‘praise on’.

Fantastic!  That’s what church is for, isn’t it?

Once it’s over, emotion slowly escapes into the ether.  Often life settles and thoughts return to busy schedules.  You know you had a good feeling but, can you even remember the words of the song you sang so heartily?  

I realised that I often don’t.  But, here’s the thing, whatever the words were, I’ve probably made a declaration, a request, or vow, or pledge, or promise to God, which I’ve forgotten before I’ve left the building!

But words are important!  Requests are being made in song.

He tells us to ask and doors will be opened (Matthew 7:7); to pray and He will hear (1 John 5:14; Jeremiah 29:12).

We make the prayer, in song, but don’t even consider what we’re asking for.  God moves to perform our request and we’re gone! Moved on! How frustrated must He be?  

I often forget it’s a two-way street; it’s not all about me, it’s about Him, too.

I am being challenged to think about the words of the songs I sing; to think about what I’m asking of God, what I’m asking Him to do in my life; to think about my readiness for what I’m asking; to think about the consequences of my prayer.

Consider the words of this well-loved Christian song: ‘I am Thine’.

I am Thine, O Lord. I have heard Your voice
And it told Your love to me
But, I long to rise in the arms of faith and be closer drawn to Thee
Draw me nearer

When I sing, I have declared that I am His and have asked to be drawn closer to Him.  He moves to perform it and I don’t consider what I’m asking for. What is required of me to be drawn nearer to Him?  

Wake-up call!

I challenge you to think about your favourite hymn/song.  Look at the words and contemplate what you’re saying to God in your prayer-song.

By, J. Caroline.