A deodorised soul. Say what now?

It’s really weird where your thoughts can take you, don’t you think? 

I spoke in last week’s article about my soul-care – and I’m still on the same subject.  In my musing, deodorant was looming large in my brain.  

Yes, I know, you’re probably thinking, why?  What’s she on about?

Well, it’s the use of deodorant, for the most part, a necessity of life – for a few, not so much.  But, for the majority, it’s an item in the essential package of our grooming routine, passed from generation to generation.

To be crude, do you really want people around you wrinkling their noses, frowning their brows and trying to get away from the noxious smell; with you being oblivious to the fact that you are the miscreant emitting the odour?  Who wants that?  I don’t!   So, I use deodorant, and all is well with the world.

Now, here’s the intersection where deodorant and soul became linked.

My soul can emit a noxious smell that wrinkles the nose and frowns the brow of my heavenly Friend, the angels, too.  The thing is, He doesn’t try to get away from me.   

He doesn’t like my smell, but He is the One who will bear my soul-smell and tell me about the deodorant I can use to remove the odour.  Hey, He bought it for me!   He’s the One who tells me about my soul-pits that first need cleansing in order to apply the deodorant He’s supplying.  

Yep, it’s Him. But, you know what?  I’m the one who has to apply the soul-deodorant and, therein lies the problem.  I can be very determined not to change my attitude and become haughty and stubborn – stiff-necked – and belligerent – hostile and aggressive.  

The thing is, He will take me to the end, but He won’t always hold out the deodorant, it’s for a limited time!  I can’t use it after its sell-by date.  It will be discontinued.  

So, while He’s giving me the soul-deodorant, now, I better take it and apply it or, it just might be that when I’m ready, the deodorant is no longer available, and I’ll smell my way to destruction!

See, I told you it’s weird where your thoughts can take you. But the outcome is nonetheless true.

Are you applying your soul-deodorant?

J. Caroline