Where shall I go?

I’m kicking off the theme for this round of thinking, which is based on an old hymn entitled, ‘Where Shall I Go’.  The chorus can be sung in a plaintive or upbeat manner, but the words give me pause for thought – musing again.

Where shall I go?  Where shall I go?  Seeking a refuge for my soul.

I need a friend to guide me to the end

Where shall I go but to the Lord?

Here’s my muse.  

Consider when you’ve needed skin cream, deodorant, toothpaste, shoes, clothing; your eyes tested, a manicure or pedicure – I could go on.  We all know where to go to get what we need to take care of the external part of our body, right?  Many of these things make us feel good but, also, make us pleasant for others to be near, when out in society.

If we need help in other areas, we can seek out doctors, dieticians, counsellors, psychiatrists, to name a few – we’re pretty savvy, for the most part, on caring for our physical and mental wellbeing.  But, what of our spiritual wellbeing?  What of the care for our soul, the part of us that moves on awaiting the final occasion when how we’ve lived our lives will tell our story and determine our fate [Hebrews 9:27]. 

From the song, alone, we know our soul needs a place of safety, a haven – and it’s something that we must search for.  We also know that a ‘buddy’ is needed to ‘direct’ the soul to the completion of this life’s expedition.

Have we continually looked to our Friend, the Saviour, for the things the soul needs to check that it’s nourished and looking good [Deuteronomy 4:29; Psalm 62:1]?  Do we regularly speak with our Friend to obtain the soul’s cosmetics to ensure its vibrancy and acceptability in His society [Matthew 22:37]?

So, while I’m taking care of me, physically, let me also take care of me, spiritually, and seek for my soul-care.

Are you seeking yours?  Just a thought.

by J. Caroline