Words for consideration


Two weeks ago, in my first instalment (you can read it here), I laid down a challenge.  I asked that you contemplate the words of your favourite song and consider what you are asking God to do.  Did you take up the challenge?

Well, I’d also challenged myself, because, before the challenge, I thought I was ok.  I thought that my spiritual life was fine.  I wasn’t expecting anything to make me think too hard.  So, I continued with the second verse of ‘I am Thine’ and I came to realise that I’m not supposed to be the one in control, God should be able to shape me as He wants (I wrote about this last week).

But there is more!

I’m still on the second verse, stuck on the first two words, consecrate me.  “Consecrate” and its application to me!  That in itself was mind-blowing.   

Consecrate me now to Thy service, Lord

By the power of grace divine;

Let my soul look up with a steadfast hope

And my will be lost in Thine

The English language states that I’ve been made sacred.  I’m connected with God, dedicated to His purpose!  Whoa!  Sacred is attached to dedicated?  

When I first accepted Christ, I thought I was connected.  I believed. I’d been baptised.  I went to church – when I could. I prayed – when I got time.  I sang – when I wanted – and, oh, I knew 1 John 4:19, “I love Him because He first loved me.”  So, yes, I believed I was connected.

But, dedicated brought me up short because that’s attached to devoted, which tells me that my time and effort must be given to Him.  Does that mean all my time!?

Lightbulb moment!

My life must fit within His parameters for me.  My energies must be steered towards His purpose for me.  I realised I had fitted Him into the life I lived.  I gave Him what time I could – on some days – most days – that was nothing!  


To be consecrated to God is a weighty thing, not a mere bit of fluff to be brushed aside.  

Every time I ask to be consecrated, I’m asking God to make a paradigm shift in my thinking, in my outlook, in my focus, so that I am in right-standing with Him, doing what He wants – my life belongs to Him [1 Corinthians 6:20]. His hands have made me and fashioned me [Psalm 119:73].  I live because of Him [1 John 4:9].   

Consecrate me means I’m actually asking Him to change my life!  It’s not enough to be acquainted with Him.  He expects me to know Him and, for that, He must consecrate me.  However, I must be prepared for that consecration and whatever path it takes me down, not the path I have steered myself down.  Wow!

Change is stirring.  Is it for you?

By, J. Caroline.