Wakey wakey … Arise and shine!

Good morning sleepyhead! Wakey wakey. Arise and shine!

Did your mum or dad ever say these words to you when you were a child to get you up and out of bed?

Our song this morning is in the vein of a wake-up call. The words are simple and beautiful and come straight from Isaiah 60:1-3.

Arise and shine for the light has come at last

Since Yahusha is with me and the darkest days are past

It brings joy to my soul since the Comforter has come

He’s brighter than the morning star and sweeter than the honeycomb.

If the song is new to you, you can listen to it here.

Catchy isn’t it?

But although it’s an uplifting, soul-inspiring tune I think something deeper is being said to us. It’s not just about what Yahusha has done, it’s also about what we must do.

When Yahusha said: “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven” (Matt. 5:16), He was speaking directly to you and He was speaking straight to me.

He was saying that just as He was the light that illuminated my life so I could see a way out of my darkness, so I too must now be the light and do the same for others (John 8:12; Matt. 5:15).

Maybe, in the song, my Father is teasing back my soft, comfortable bed-sheets and telling me it’s time to arise. It’s time to shine (Eph. 5:14).

Do you ever feel that He’s doing the same with you?

What are the things (the bed-covers if you like!) holding us back from rising and shining for Him? Is it trying to do things our own way, rather than seeking instruction from Him? Is it resisting the call He’s placed in our hearts?

Is it simply being comfortable with the status quo? Just like being under that warm comfortable duvet.

Whatever our personal ‘sheets’ are, His call to us is to get up out of them and begin to shine for Him.

So I’d like to ask you a question today. Do you want to arise for Yahusha? Are you willing to shine for the One who died for you - to do the specific work that He has called you to do?

If the answer is ‘yes’, then ask God to show you what your particular sheets are.

Then let Him pull these back by saying that you’re sorry and asking Him to take away those covers so that you can arise and shine by fulfilling the purpose He called you to.

A warning here though. If you pray this earnestly and fervently, God will definitely answer - and often in ways you don’t expect!

In fact, the journey He takes us on to get us out of our bed and onto His pathway to do His works, is often not a comfortable one. It’s a road well worth walking though to fulfil our purpose in life, through Him.

Be blessed and tune in next week for more on how Yahuah is singing this song to each and every one of us.

By Oliver Weedon