Ever faced temptation’s sword?

The song we’ve been looking into for a while has three verses, each of which talks about our life here on earth, ending with the phrase – you might know well by now – ‘Where should I go but to the Lord’.

The songwriter clearly recognised the only place to turn, in any situation, is to the Lord.

How true is that for us?

This time I’d like to look at one line in the first verse. 

It says: “Striving alone, to face temptation’s sword - where should I go but to the Lord”.
How often in our lives do we feel that we’re striving along alone, having to endure temptations, often ending up giving into them?

Being tempted is when thoughts or feelings suddenly come over us, enticing, and sometimes arresting us to do, or think, about something that is not good, especially when it’s related to a specific liking or interest of ours. [James 1:14-15].  

Let’s face it, this can be identified as sin.  

Things that steal our time and negatively affect our relationship with the Lord, which may happen a lot or a little – nonetheless, it’s stealing. 

Temptation is subtle and specific to the individual.

For example, someone that doesn’t have a sweet tooth, will not very easily be tempted to delve into a chocolate cake, followed by a chocolate bar and some chocolate buttons. 

Some of my greatest difficulties, where temptation’s sword catches me out the most, are TV series and certain computer games. Once turned on, I can sit for hours, without realising how time flies! I resurface to find that, once again, I’ve neglected my housework, or my Bible-reading and, shamefully,  my relationship with Yahusha. 

Then, having given in, I’m left feeling guilty and low; trying to escape the vicious cycle of temptation, its consequence and, sometimes, the devastating effects it can have!  Playing with my mind, heart and vulnerabilities – all things that definitely test my faith and endurance. 

It’s difficult to hang on when there appears to be no end in sight from a difficult situation or trying circumstance. We can often feel left alone, abandoned or forsaken.

But there is always hope. I have learnt that, when temptation draws near, instead of giving in to its sword, I must lift the sword of victory; the knowledge of the existence of the Almighty God, which is our saving grace.

Knowing we are not alone, abandoned or forsaken by the One who really counts; [Romans 8:31, 35]

Knowing God will not allow us to be tempted beyond what we are able but makes a way of escape so we can bear it [1 Corinthians 10:13].  This is what lifts us up and helps us to escape and carry on! 

Well, that’s been my experience, has it been yours?

When you feel that you’re striving alone, facing temptations’ sword – will you go to the Lord?  

What have you got to lose?

Tabea D