We're a prophetic ministry where the role of the Prophet is central to everything we do. It's through prophecy we've come to celebrate Biblical feasts, including Shabbat.

Scripture tells us about the power of Elohim's Name so we use His Hebrew Name rather than Greek or English variants.

If you want to learn more about Elohim and His Feasts - get in touch, or join us in worship.



Acorn Life is a growing ministry started over 20 years ago. We desire a deeper relationship with Elohim. This walk of faith deepens our understanding of Elohim's will and way.

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God's Name is powerful but often diluted down to a set of titles. Biblical language and culture has been tragically lost by some in His church.

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Word Unlimited exists to challenge us to change. To deepen our relationship with Yahuah Elohim and get in line with the plan he has for our lives.

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