At Passover this year we’re excited to explore what it means to be the Bride of Yahusha.

  • Have you ever looked at what is required of you as His Bride?

  • How will you fully take hold of the prize that is promised to you? To be with the Bridegroom in His Father’s house.

Yahusha went home at Passover to prepare a place for us, it’s a very special time of thanksgiving, learning and revival.

We invite you to join us as we learn together, by opening the word of Yahuah to see just what He has given to make us ready to be the Bride.

Click here for the programme and location.


Acorn Life is a growing ministry started over 20 years ago. We desire a deeper relationship with Elohim. This walk of faith deepens our understanding of Elohim's will and way.

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God's Name is powerful but often diluted down to a set of titles. Biblical language and culture has been tragically lost by some in His church.

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Word Unlimited exists to challenge us to change. To deepen our relationship with Yahuah Elohim and get in line with the plan he has for our lives.

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